Wool Judging will still take place this year…

M&BAS invites all wool growers to enter this year’s competition. Steward, Ross Dohnt announced that, despite the cancellation of the full show, there will still be a Fleece Competition this year and that we are looking for Champion Fleeces in 6 Categories. There will be no entry fees for this year’s competition but all fleeces will be micron tested ahead of judging.

Categories: 1. Merino Fleece

2. Crossbred Fleece

3. Corriedale Fleece

4. Performance Based Merino (6 to 8 months growth)

5. Weaner

6. Rams Fleece

If you have any queries, please contact Fleece Stewards: Ross Dohnt (0499 982 582) or Daniel Clarke (0409 166 388)

Cut off date for entries: Friday 12 Nov – Fleeces judged and displayed at Maldon Show Grounds: Sunday 21st November