Powering our Community to a strong future

In Early 2020, the Maldon & Baringhup Agricultural Society submitted a grant application through the Australian Governments Regional Agricultural Show Development Grants, the grants were designed to provide funding for the maintenance and upgrade of existing infrastructure and the purchasing, building and construction of new infrastructure related to the running of an agricultural show on regional showgrounds. 

Five Grant Streams were available, with the Maldon & Baringhup Agricultural Society applying under Category 1- Small grants for Small Shows which can be used for projects up to $124,999 ex GST. 

The Maldon & Baringhup Agricultural Society main aims when applying for the grant were to- 

  • improved amenity of showground infrastructure to improve the experience of showground users and visitors 
  • improved flexibility of use of showground infrastructure to increase the opportunity for it to be used for other events that bring the community together 
  • use of modern construction methods and materials that reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance and repair of infrastructure 
  • reduced operational costs for events conducted at and using showground facilities. 
  • greater variety of attractions to improve shows’ ability to attract visitors. 

We plan was to carry out 3 projects all of which will reduce the burden on volunteers during bump in/out, increasing safety for all users of the venue, providing first class facilities for the wider community and reduce the running cost of the event which will insure the longevity of the Maldon & Baringhup Show and other events held at the Recreation Reserve. 

  1. Install a generator, switchboards, underground cabling for power and Public address system. The aim is to increase electrical safety, reduce costs in putting on the show which currently hires all labour and equipment each year. 
  1. Purchase and installation of Grand stand seating and picnic tables and chairs. The aim is to provide our patrons with facilities that match major Shows and encourage families to spend more time at the show in comfort. 
  1. Purchase and installation of sheep yard penning, this will reduce volunteer labour in setting up, provide a better display of the sheep to the general public and reduce safety concerns from farmers around stock getting injured 

The Maldon & Baringhup Agricultural Society applied for, and were successful in obtaining funding of $116,154.18 ex GST for the 3 projects. We would like to acknowledge and thank for their support in our application The Maldon Racecourse Committee of Management, DELWP, Maldon Camp Draft Association and the Maldon Pony Club. 

Check out the photos of the works being finalised now.