Art at this years show

As a preliminary to the Show, and to encourage entries for the Art Pavillion, on Saturday 3rd and Saturday 10th October two Children’s Art Mornings will be held from 10am to 1pm in the Wheel & Loom building in Maldon’s Main Street.

This will be with the assistance of artists and the provision of free art materials so that children can produce entries on the spot to be entered into the Show. Entry forms will be available on these mornings.

The Show is only on for one day, so we are extending Art exhibition time by moving artwork (with permission of the artists) to the Wheel & Loom building, in Main Street, Maldon for a period of one extra week. Please note on the entry form if you wish to take part in this extension time. .

Below is the schedule for age group entry, and the entry form. We have also included Section 17A which is for adults or students over 16 years of age, in case this is of interest.

For the first time, digital art has been included in the children’s section, age group 8-12 years, and 12-16 years. We hope this will interest our new and emerging electronic artists!

SECTION 19 of the show schedule DRAWING/PAINTING – CHILDREN UNDER 16 YEARS (50c per entry)

Drawing, any medium, any subject:

Class 16.  under 5 years

Class 17.  5 years to under 8 years

Class 18.  8 years to under 12 years

Class 19.  12 years to under 16 years

Painting, any medium, any subject

Class 20.  Under 5 years

Class 21.  5 years to under 8 years

Class 22.  8 years to under 12 years

Class 23.  12 years to under 16 years

Printmaking, any method, any subject

Class 24.  8 years to under 12 years

Class 25.  12 years to under 16 years

Digital Art (computer generated)

Class 26.  8 years to under 12 years

Class 27.  12 years to under 16 years


1st and 2nd place ribbons awarded in each class plus prize money.

A Highly Commended Certificate  will be awarded for the best entry from each participating school.

SECTION 17A of the show schedule

ARTWORK OPEN (adults and students over 16)

Class 1 – Water Colour Painting

Class 2 – Oil Painting

Class 3 – Portrait – any style, any medium

Class 4 – Drawing – any medium

Prize for the Best Exhibit Classes 1 – 4 Artwork Open as chosen by the judge.

No Hanging fee. Commission 10%.  Artists to deal with their own sales.

Any buyers will be referred directly to the artist.  Please supply contact details to be displayed with your work for the day of the show.

The number of entries per artist may have to be limited depending on hanging space available.

Following on from show day, the Wheel and Loom in Main Street, Maldon will host all Show Art works exclusively over the course of one week.  Please note on your entry form should you wish to take part in the extended exhibition.   

Pickup of Artwork 4pm on Showday.

If you wish your works to be hung for a further week at Wheel & Loom, Maldon they will be stored at the Showground Pavilion overnight, and moved on the Monday by members of Maldon Art Net.  Please tick ‘yes’ on the entry form.